How Lack of Exercise Affects Health

chiropractor san diego How Lack of Exercise Affects HealthA lack of exercise results in numerous health problems, starting from seemingly harmless weight gain to cardiovascular diseases and a much higher chance of suffering a stroke.  Research has concluded that as many people die because of the effects of lack of exercise as the number that die from smoking.

This is why chiropractic exercises are strongly recommended to maintain a healthy and balanced lifestyle and avoid all complications that can lead up to a stroke.

The following problems can occur due to lack of exercise:

1. Obesity

Obesity is one of the major effects of a lack of exercise.  Various health problems can surface due to obesity such as diabetes, breathing issues, high blood pressure and a far greater risk of suffering a heart attack.

Besides the physical effects, many psychological effects also accompany obese people.  Low self-esteem that leads to depression can be a devastating experience.

It is no doubt that obesity can result from genetic factors, but a lack of exercise is usually a major reason.

2. High Blood Pressure

Being overweight can lead to hypertension.  The blood vessels clog up which restricts blood flow.  Hypertension exposes a person to various other risks, such as heart attack, kidney failure and many other ailments.  A hypertensive individual is more likely to develop diabetes.

3. Decline in Brain Function

Exercise helps in increasing the flow of blood to the brain, while lack of exercise does the opposite.  A brain that is deprived of blood cannot function normally as it would otherwise.  The brain can also physically shrink due to the lack of blood supply – a research states that this ‘shrinkage’ can be avoided and mental abilities can be enhanced by regular exercise.

4. Reduction in Strength of Bones and Muscles

A sedentary lifestyle can weaken the bones and muscles, thus exposing an individual to a greater chance of injury as well as diseases such as arthritis.  Lack of exercise can make a person more prone to fractures in case of a fall along with knee-joint and hip problems later on.

5. Increased Chances of Developing Cancer

Research was carried over several years and the results show an increased chance of cancer from a lack of exercise.  Also, people who were physically fit when they developed cancer had a far greater chance of survival than those who had led a sedentary lifestyle.

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Dietary Tips

chiropractor san diego Dietary TipsA Good Diet Equals Healthy Living

In order to live a healthy lifestyle, there are some essential nutrients which need to be present in your diet. A good chiropractor will also include a diet plan in his treatments to reduce the risk of disease. Here are some dietary tips you can use to improve your health.

Avoid Junk Food

Avoid junk foods with low nutritional values and additives such as artificial flavoring and coloring, as most of them contain chemicals that your body isn’t familiar with and can cause certain problems such as abdominal pain, diarrhea and irritable bowel movements.

Eat Foods with Good Nutritional Values

Let’s suppose a person has a calorie requirement of 1600 calories a day. He can either get these calories from healthy foods with good nutritional values, such as beans, vegetables or salads, or he can get them through unhealthy foods such as bagels, donuts or junk food. The calorie requirement is the same but he would be getting a more nutritious diet by choosing the former option, thus making him healthier.

Add Unrefined and Uncooked Foods in Your Diet

Natural foods contain relatively more nutrients as compared to their refined counterparts. For example, refined flour lacks the fiber and other nutrients that whole grain contains. Cooking can also destroy many of the beneficial nutrients in food, so it is important to add some raw fruits and vegetables in your diet to balance out the nutrient requirement.

Avoid Fried Food Items

Though they may seem tempting, a high consumption of fried foods can directly lead to certain health problems such as high cholesterol and heart problems. If you live a busy lifestyle which doesn’t give you time to exercise, fried foods can also cause obesity.

Don’t Use Too Much Salt and Sugar 

Too much salt results in high blood pressure, increasing the likelihood of developing health problems. High levels of sugar can also increase the risk of diabetes. Try to reduce the amount of salt or sugar you use in food items.

Ask Your Chiropractor for Advice

As most chiropractors have information on nutritional requirements, you can ask your chiropractor to advise you further on what you should include and what you should exclude from your diet. A chiropractor can also formulate you a proper diet plan which you can follow to stay healthy.

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As A Patient … Are You Wanting More?

As A Patient … Are You Wanting More?

Let me ask you a question.

What are you hoping to get from your chiropractic care at this office?

—Less pain?

—Less tightness?

—More health?

—More movement?

—Or more life?

Many people begin care at the office because they have an ache or a pain they want to silence and get rid of.  In other words, they start out “wanting less.” As they learn what chiropractic care is (and what it isn’t) they discover it could offer them more.

More of what they really want. Participating in that discovery is one of the greatest joys of me being in practice. We offer you a FREE Dinner Workshop weekly, where you will learn more about what Chiropractic and this practice can give to you and your family.

Some people don’t see the implication between a proactive (more) and a reactive (less) approach to their health. Instead, they prefer to come in ONLY when they have obvious symptoms.

No worries.  We love them just as much.

Everyone shows up at a different place on this journey of self discovery.  I am merely here to serve you, whether you really want less or more.

Call Lisa today to reserve your seat at our next Dinner Workshop.


How To Avoid Diabetes, Heart Disease and Obesity!

How To Avoid Diabetes, Heart Disease and Obesity!

 Did you know that Testosterone begins declining in men as early as the mid-30′s and can result in an increased risk of diabetes, heart disease and obesity?

Something we all want to avoid. This condition is called Andropause. Symptoms of low testosterone levels include anxiety, reduced libido, loss of lean muscle mass and low stamina, as well as depression.

Do you suffer from any of these symptoms, or do you know any men with these issues?

The medical community has been very slow to recognize how serious this problem is and it is likely that your doctor has never discussed it with you before. There is however, good news.

They tell you it’s possible to increase your testosterone levels with testosterone injections. Unfortunately, this method can be very expensive, painful, and also come with increased risks for prostate cancer, as your blood must be checked on a regular basis to monitor for any possible negative side effects.

                                                Here is REALLY GOOD NEWS!

A new and totally natural homeopathic crème is now available at this office.  It will naturally increase your body’s levels of testosterone to levels that were previously only possible with expensive and potentially dangerous testosterone injections.

The testosterone level increases are nothing short of amazing, with none of the side effects associated with testosterone injections.

Here are the benefits that the subjects in our tests have reported and you may receive the same benefits within just 90 days!

1. Increased energy and stamina
2. Increase in Libido.
3. Ability to lift more weight during workouts.
4. Faster recovery from workouts with no sore joints
4. Increase in lean muscle mass.
5. Increase in testosterone levels in 21 days
6. Fat loss especially around the stomach area

You are the first to hear about this amazing new natural testosterone raising crème because you’re a patient here.

You can now have unlimited energy, gain lots of lean muscle, and reduce belly flab, and most of all, using Dr Richter’s Anti Aging crèmes that will help you feel and look younger than ever before! Talk with Lisa today for your supply.

Gaining Weight in the Graveyard?


    There are definitely some major advantages to night-shift work schedules, affectionately known as the “graveyard” shift.

   On the other hand, there are disadvantages as well. The “laid back” atmosphere and the fact that many who work nights naturally have a reduced work load, makes

boredom somewhat commonplace. And what do lots of folks who are bored do? Why they eat of course! And then what happens? Well… they gain weight! How much, depends on a number of variables such as exercise, diet, and sleep.

   Most people have regular sleeping and eating patterns that keep pace with their circadian rhythms – our natural 24-hour body clock. When a person becomes a night-shift worker, their sleeping and eating cycles are disrupted. In addition, because many experience sleeping disorders and digestive problems than their day-shift counterparts, many easily gain 20-30 pounds once they start working nights.

   One reason for this is the vending machine. Rather than bringing home-prepared meals to eat at work or eating in restaurants that offer healthy choices, many become vending machine junkies, a less-than-nutritious diet that adds on weight…and quickly!

   Yet you can eat healthy working nights IF you keep in mind the following:

  • Never skip a meal and adjust your meal schedule to match your “day” meal routine as soon as you begin to work the night-shift.
  • Make sure you don’t eat a large meal at the end of your shift, just as you are winding down to go to sleep. It will not digest properly and you will not have time to “work it off” prior to sleeping; this contributes to gain weight.
  • Avoid vending machine snacking and eat at least one well-balanced meal during your shift.
  • Avoid sugar and caffeine which may keep you awake and wreak havoc with your sleep cycles later in your “day.”

   And if you’re working late, schedule an early appointment at the office. We’re here to help you and it’s important that you get your regular adjustments. You’ll sleep like a baby following your adjustment. We also have an effective, fast and safe weight loss system available for you.

What is Spinal Decay?

What Is Spinal Decay

Like tooth decay, spinal decay can occur without obvious symptoms and at any age.

I know you want to avoid tooth decay – so you brush after meals, floss, and make regular dental appointments to make sure your teeth and gums stay healthy.

So what is spinal decay? Do you know that some signs of spinal decay can be just as silent as those related to tooth decay and that, by the time you notice something – the condition may be fairly well advanced?

The main “job” of the spine is to protect the spinal cord and all the nerves that travel from the brain, through your spinal cord, to communicate with and control every function of your body.

When the spine is misaligned in any way, this puts pressure on your nervous system, which can affect your health. As a result, the spine may actually start to decay.  Dr. Richter can help you here in east county.

Many think this is just the effect of growing older. But just as tooth decay doesn’t result from aging, neither does spinal decay – it results from neglect and poor spinal hygiene.

Spinal decay usually starts with some type of trauma – a car accident, a fall, even the birth process itself can initiate it! The thing you want to remember is this. It doesn’t have to HURT.

In its first phase, spinal decay results in a loss of proper spinal curves or a reduced ability to turn and bend. If left untreated, your body responds by depositing calcium onto the affected joint surfaces, ligaments and connective tissues, in an effort to “splint” the affected spinal joint. At this point, you may still have NO noticeable symptoms; this allows the decay to continue.

By the third phase, spinal decay has permanently damaged the spine, causing neurological changes that result in chronic health problems – usually just the kind we see in an aging population.   And here in El Cajon we care.

Regular chiropractic checkups, just like regular dental exams, are designed to locate areas of the spine that are not functioning properly before they become major areas of concern. At our office, we check your spine to determine where it may be compromised in some way. Then, through a series of corrective adjustments, we provide the intervention you need to help you avoid the crippling effects of spinal decay.

If you have NOT been checked, make an appointment today. If you’re getting checked, then make sure that you bring your friends and family members to this office to be checked. You don’t want them to have spinal decay.




Yes, there are trends.  Think about spinal correction like the stock market. There will be ups and downs along the way but the overall trend is up.  


Sometimes patients will get one or two adjustments and feel amazing only to have some of the pain return days later.  We’re here in east county to help when/if your pain returns.


Once you understand how the body heals and responds you can make sure you are maximizing your care and are patient when there are down days.


Just like a good stock broker, you have to look at the long term objective which is maximum spinal correction.  Chiropractic helps if you use it.



Health is a journey,  not a destination!

So give us a call to schedule your first or your next adjustment.

Dr. Mace Richter   619-670-7500

Work Without STRESS?

Work Without Stress?

Stress is tough on all of us here in the greater San Diego area – despite such great weather.   When you learn to reduce your work stress, your overall stress decreases as well!

We spend most of our waking hours doing this thing we call “work” so that we can provide for our families.

Unfortunately, for far too many people, work produces a great deal of stress, which carries over to their home life, social life and all the other activities of everyday living.

We end up dreading getting out of bed in the morning. Then we dread our commute, our work environment, our interactions with bosses and co-workers, the very job we do, and then our commute back home.

No wonder so many people are tired, depressed and stressed out!

There are certain ways to de-stress your work environment. For example, you can:

Make a “To-Do” list at the end of every day, for the next day – Then you will be ready when you get to work the next day, and you’ll know exactly what you have to do. Prioritize the list so you know what to do first.

 Make sure you have all the details of any assignment and the ability to get it done – You can’t do a job when you lack the skills, resources, knowledge or tools to get it done. Clarify and confirm with your supervisor what you are expected to do.

If you are in a management position, learn how to delegate – One of the biggest problems managers face is the inability to delegate. Many feel there is no one who can do the job as well as they can and it would take too long to teach them anyway. It may take an hour to explain to a subordinate how to perform a particular task, but once they learn it, they own it! Result: Less stress!

Take a break – Take a walk, run an errand, eat something, visit the water cooler, or talk to a co-worker. No one can work 24/7 without a break. Taking breaks actually increases productivity and relaxes you.

Leave your job where it belongs, at the office – If you need to catch up some work at home, spend time with the family, eat dinner, play with the kids, help with homework and bedtime routines first. Pick up your work after you’ve made your family the priority they deserve.

Everyone’s work is becoming increasingly stressful, especially as technology continues to advance. If you want to stay healthy, you find ways to de-stress. Remember the importance of exercise, proper nutrition, sufficient sleep and routine chiropractic care to keep your body and mind well tuned and functioning at peak capacity!


Chiropractic defined in a short 100 words or less!

Aches and pains are signs your body isn’t working correctly.  Here at Richter Chiropractic, we can help.

Your brain, spinal cord and your nerves control how your body works. Physical, chemical or emotional stresses produce a defensive environment. When this happens muscles contract, locking spinal joints that pinch and irritate your nerves. This spinal stress sets the stage for disease and ill health.

A thorough consultation and examination in our office in El Cajon, helps us find your problems. We then apply a precise force to your tight spinal joints so your body can correct itself.  We can do these adjustments here in our office El Cajon.

Health can then return with repeated visits. This is why chiropractic care has helped you and millions get well.

So call today for your free consultation!  619-670-7500

Fall Now Pain Later?

YES!  You can have a fall now and the pain might not come until months later.

Almost two years ago, a patient of mine from El Cajon was working as a hostess in  a local restaurant in order to pay rent during graduate school.

One late October afternoon, she slipped walking from the back kitchen on her way to the dining rooms and her head hit the thick molding halfway down the wall behind her.  She jumped up in shock and shook it off.  She took some aspirin and went back to work.  Eventually the pain and bruises went away.

One morning in late February she woke up and couldn’t move her head to the left, necessitating keeping it cocked to the right.  She was in so much pain that she made an immediate appointment with our office here in El Cajon to get her spine checked and adjusted.  I adjusted everything including her jaw and wondered how this happened.  She shrugged, but when her mom mentioned her fall months earlier, it was confirmed as the cause.

Have you (or anyone you know) experienced a hard fall or do you (or they) have a prolonging ache?  Look deeper into chiropractic as a source of relief and help.

At this El Cajon chiropractic office we primarily adjust patient’s spines due to complaints of back, neck or joint pain, and headaches using a drug-free approach to healing.

We here at Richter Chiropractic are skilled in aligning the spinal bones and the tissues of your body – especially those along the spine – in order to push air bubbles out of the tissue (this is the “pop” that is heard) to allow for greater circulation and better range of movement of the joints.

This office in El Cajon has been a big help for many suffering from annoying pain or stiff neck syndrome.  We can help you too.  Just give us a call for your free initial exam and consultation. 619-670-7500.